General dentistry covers all the treatments you need to keep your smile healthy and whole. From your routine check-ups and hygiene appointments to any restorative care needed to repair problem teeth, general dentistry is a broad area that focuses on oral health and preventative care.

We have a strong focus on promoting fantastic oral hygiene with patients of all ages. Through regular appointments, we can keep track of your oral health, assessing your teeth and gums. We also provide help and advice on how to keep your smile clean and bacteria-free at home.

Preventing decay and gum disease

A large part of your dental care involves keeping your teeth and gums free of bacteria. Build-ups of plaque and tartar lead to bacteria causing issues in your mouth. For your teeth, it can lead to cavities and decay, which leads to more costly treatment further down the line. Bacteria present near the gum line causes the gum tissues to become inflamed, leading to gum disease. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to receding gums and tooth loss.

Restoring your smile

Our teeth are subjected to a lot during our lifetimes so it’s natural to expect a bit of wear and tear. Restorative dentistry involves a range of treatments that can repair teeth with fillings and crowns for any extensive repair work. We can also use bridges and dentures to replace missing teeth.