It does not matter how well we look after our teeth, sometimes emergencies occur when we least expect them. We understand that you want to solve these problems as quickly as possible. As an existing patient of the practice, if you are in urgent need of dental care please call us at the earliest opportunity during practice hours and we will aim to see you on the same day.

If you are a new patient wishing to arrange an emergency appointment, we may be able to see you for urgent treatment, so please contact us. When the practice is closed, please telephone 020 8905 4849 and follow the instructions in the recorded message.

Toothache advice

If you have toothache then you can phone the surgery and we will try our best to see you on the same day.

If we are closed and you want to wait until the surgery is open again to make an appointment then consider taking some painkillers.

It is important that the painkillers are suitable for you and do not interact with any other medication you are on. If you are not sure then please check with your local pharmacist who will be able to advise you.

Please make sure that you do not exceed the maximum dose of any painkillers you do take. Some people think that using oil of cloves or aspirin directly on the tooth is a good idea but this can result in burning the gum, so please don’t do that.