If you have had some dental treatment then here are some suggestions for the initial period following your appointment.

If you have any problems following treatment then phone the practice to ask for advice. However, having some discomfort around the site of a filling or injection is common and should settle over a few hours.

  • Remember that if you have had an injection your mouth and lip may remain numb for several hours so you will need to be careful about hot food and drinks.
  • If you have had an amalgam filling then avoid eating on that side of the mouth until the next day. You may, after about 3 hours, eat soft foods using the other side.
  • If you have had a white filling then you are able to eat and drink normally, using both sides of the mouth, once the injection has worn off.
  • Some people experience some sensitivity after they receive a filling. The tooth may be sensitive to pressure, air or sweet things, so avoid anything that causes it. If your tooth is extremely sensitive or your sensitivity does not decrease over about a two-week period, you should contact us at the practice.
  • Besides sensitivity, some people may experience discomfort when they bite down. Some discomfort occurs when you bite, and worsens over time. This is caused by a filling that interferes with your bite. Once your anaesthetic wears off, you would notice this right away and should contact your dentist. You will need to return to the practice to have the filling reshaped.
  • Your dentist polishes the filling after it is placed, but occasionally sharp edges may remain. If you find one, contact us and arrange to have it smoothed as soon as possible to avoid injury to your tongue or mouth.